4W RGB ILDA Animation 40K Laser Light for Disco DJ Club Event Party Stage Laser

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◎Rated Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz    Rated Power:<1000W

◎Laser: (LD) 4W RGB animation laser,R635-1W/G520-1W/B445-2W

◎Scanner: 40K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 60K),Scan angle:±30°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%)


◎ Beam diameter and Divergence : 5mm;<2mrad 

◎Control Modes: Music four mode with black out)/Automatic/Master-Slave/DMX512(25CH)/SD card control/

  Compatible ILDA laser show software

◎ Control Interfaces :ILDA Standard DB25 Connector,International Standard DMX 512,Phoenix(Germany) or Pangolin (USA) etc,Lightful RJ45.

◎Demonstration effect:Built-in 128 pattern,SD card unlimited storage.By DMX choose pattern scene or SD card laser show.

◎DMX effect: Double pattern modes,and with the function of unique blanking,strobing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom,drawing,speed and color etc.

◎Security Intelligent function: no signal no emit,Key power,signal is changed automatically(PC to DMX or DMX to PC),Quick Channel, one of the product channels, SD card update online.

◎Operating requirement: dry, less dust, 10~40℃(environmental temperature) ,will reduce the attenuation of the diode and extend the life of the light.

◎Application:Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Vocal concert,Television Station,stadium,Advertising promotion etc.

◎Size: 41*34*28CM       ◎N.G/G.W:7.5/9.5 Kg

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